ECFR in the Media

die zeit Nicht so bescheiden

20th November, 2009
Mark Leonard on the EU's new leadership team.

the guardian leondard ashton

20th November, 2009
Mark Leonard on Lady Ashton's appointment as High Rep.

spiegel EU-Regierungschefs suchen nicht die Kl?gsten und Besten

19th November, 2009
An interview with Mark Leonard, featured on the German foreign affairs magazine's site.

financial times panek Czechs and Slovaks celebrate velvet revolution

18th November, 2009
Simon Panek, student leader of the Velvet Revolution and ECFR council member, on 1989.

france24 Energy issues to dominate EU-Russia meeting wilson

18th November, 2009
Andrew Wilson on what will happen if Sweden pushes human rights to Russia.

IHT Blair?s Chances for Europe Presidency Said to Fade klau

18th November, 2009
?There is a near consensus that it cannot be Blair for the Council President job,? says Klau.

le monde Le temps est venu pour l’Europe de s’?manciper des Etats-Unis

17th November, 2009
Jean-Claude Casanova writes on our transatlantic report in the French daily.

deutsche welle dworkin Obama under pressure as clock ticks on Guantanamo

16th November, 2009
"It is now possible to imagine Guantanamo being closed," says Dworkin.

el pais Si estamos desunidos, nos volvemos irrelevantes

15th November, 2009
An interview with Robert Cooper, ECFR council member.