ECFR in the Media

junge welt korski afghanistan

23rd October, 2009
A piece quoting our Afghanistan policy brief.

new york times guerot germany france

23rd October, 2009
Ulrike Gu?rot on French-German relations.

wall street journal noel gas

22nd October, 2009
"Italy could become an entry point into Europe for gas supplies," says Noel.

fox godement china power audit european voice

22nd October, 2009
A piece on the 'three wise men' from China visiting Europe quoting our China report.

gt expression wilson ukraine crimea

21st October, 2009
Andrew Wilson on the Crimea in a Swedish daily.

deutsche welle korski gowan civilian crisis report

19th October, 2009
"Member states do not take the development of civilian capacity seriously," says Korski.

el mundo klau blair

18th October, 2009
Blair "has strong support, but also faces strong resistance", says Klau.

radio free europe Tcherneva turkey armenia

18th October, 2009
"Turkey really wants to assume a new role," says Tcherneva.

le monde china analysis

17th October, 2009
A piece in the French daily on our 'China Analysis'.

la razon civilian crisis report

16th October, 2009
A story in Spanish on our civilian capacities report.