ECFR in the Media

Vagabond russia report

17th February, 2008
An article in the Bulgarian English Monthly referring to our EU-Russia report.

La D?p?che kosovo korski

14th February, 2008
ECFR's Daniel Korski comments on the challenges the EU faces with Kosovo declaring independence.

Washington Times china africa

14th February, 2008
John Fox comments on the strengthening partnership between China and Africa.

Washington Post wilson patarkatsishvili

14th February, 2008
ECFR's Andrew Wilson is interviewed about the death of Georgian tycoon Badri Patarkatsishvili.

AFP 7 feb 08

07th February, 2008
Daniel Korski is interviewed about NATO's challenge in Afghanistan ahead of the annual security conference in Munich.

Washington Post afghanistan

07th February, 2008
It will be hard for the United States to squeeze more troops out of NATO allies in Afghanistan, says ECFR's Daniel Korski.

The Guardian afghanistan

06th February, 2008
"The Anglo-American strategy in Afghanistan has hit an absolute low mark," says ECFR's Daniel Korski.

EFE afghanistan report

06th February, 2008
An article by the Spanish news agency quoting our recently published Afghanistan report.

United Press International china

01st February, 2008
"China does the opposite of the EU in Africa. It's just negotiation and investments without governance strings attached" says ECFR's John Fox.

Times of Malta afghanistan

30th January, 2008
An article presenting the findings of our recent Afghanistan report.