ECFR in the Media

Radio France Internationale Obama Klau

20th January, 2009
Article in French about Obama's accession to power quoting Klau.

The Sofia Echo gas crisis Noel

19th January, 2009
Noel criticizes bureaucrats for thinking that the gas will flow when you build a pipeline.

VOA News Turkey and EU accession Torreblanca

19th January, 2009
Torreblanca argues without public opinion accepting Turkish membership accession is unlikely.

Obama Nick Witney ECFR

16th January, 2009
An article on Obama's international defense relations heavily quoting Nick Witney.

International Herald Tribune gas crisis Wilson

16th January, 2009
Andrew Wilson describes the EU's crisis management as "awful."

The Sofia Echo gas crisis Noel

16th January, 2009
Pierre Noel claims that the Nabucco pipeline project is flawed.

Europa gas crisis ECFR

15th January, 2009
Article in Italian about the gas crisis referring to ECFR.

Gas crisis Ukraine ECFR Andrew Wilson

15th January, 2009
"Ukraine is getting more of the blame this time," says Andrew Wilson.

Gas crisis cost Pierre Noel ECFR

14th January, 2009
Pierre Noel says energy firms will not sue Gazprom.

Helsingin Sanomat gas crisis Noel

13th January, 2009
Article in Finnish discussing the gas crisis quoting Pierre Noel.