ECFR in the Media

Defense News NATO Korski

21st March, 2009
The Obama administration favours Rasmussen as the new NATO leader, argues Korski.

Gardianul Moldovan-Russian summit Popescu

20th March, 2009
Nicu Popescu comments on the Moldovan-Russian summit in a Romanian newspaper.

guerot germany bbc mardell blog

19th March, 2009
Ulrike Gu?rot discusses Germany's shifting attitude towards the EU.

korski afghanistan el pais

16th March, 2009
Korski comments on aid donated to Afghanistan.

witney afghanistan nato AFP

15th March, 2009
In Afghanistan, "we need a clear view of the means and the end," says Witney.

The Sydney Morning Herald crisis Klau

13th March, 2009
Characterising the EU crisis as old versus new is economically unhelpful, Klau thinks.

The Age crisis Klau

13th March, 2009
"We have nothing to fear but fear itself", warns Klau with regard to the crisis.

The Wall Street Journal Obama Witney

13th March, 2009
"Afghanistan is always going to be the ghost at the feast," says Witney.

witney nato reuters

11th March, 2009
Witney comments on France's return to NATO.

France 24 NATO Witney

11th March, 2009
Nick Witney discusses NATO on France 24.