ECFR in the Media

Capital China Fox

12th February, 2009
Article in Bulgarian about China quoting John Fox.

Voice of America gas dispute Popescu

11th February, 2009
EU cooperation on gas is as important as a good family neighbourhood, argues Popescu.

The Christian Science Monitor Afghanistan Gu?rot

09th February, 2009
The US wants to cooperate with Russia on Afghanistan, argues Gu?rot.

TIME Munich security conference Gu?rot

09th February, 2009
"Europe will be reluctant to always say yes" to US priorities, says Gu?rot.

Die Tageszeitung US politics Guerot

09th February, 2009
An interview in German about US politics with Ulrike Guerot.

Radio Free Europe energy security Noel

08th February, 2009
A single, competitive gas market would help to depoliticize gas, argues Pierre Noel.

Der Spiegel Munich Security Conference Guerot

06th February, 2009
Obama won't ask Europe anything it can't deliver, argues Ulrike Guerot.

Czech Business Weekly Dworkin Guantanamo ECFR

02nd February, 2009
The Czechs are still trying to come up with a policy on Guantanamo argues Dworkin.

EL PAIS gas crisis Vessela Tcherneva

02nd February, 2009
Vessela Tcherneva quoted in a Spanish article about the gas crisis.

International Herald Tribune NATO Witney

29th January, 2009
Witney argues Europe doesn't know what it's trying to achieve in Afghanistan.