ECFR in the Media


13th October, 2019

Pawel Zerka and Piotr Buras are cited by OBS regarding the Polish elections


13th October, 2019

Piotr Buras speaks on the latest poll for the Polish parliamentary elections


13th October, 2019

Der Standard published Pawel Zerka's and Piotr Buras's opinion piece on Poland's future after the elections.

Die Presse

13th October, 2019

Nick Witney's opinion piece on the Brexit farrago and its bizarre evolutions of this autumn in the UK published in Die Presse.

The Independent

12th October, 2019

Pawel Zerka makes some predictions on voter mobilisation prior to the Polish elections 


12th October, 2019

Tara Varma quoted in NZZ on Emmanuel Macron's leading position in Europe.

World Politics Review

11th October, 2019

Richard Gowan outlines Kelly Knight Craft's progress in her new role as US permanent representative to the United Nations

Le Monde

11th October, 2019

Richard Gowan is quoted by Le Monde concerning Turkey's attack on the Kurds in northern Syria.

The Financial Times

10th October, 2019

Julien Barnes-Dacey argues Europe has failed to step up when it comes to the escalating violence in northeastern Syria

The Guardian

09th October, 2019

Asli Aydıntaşbaş is quoted in the Guardian on the Turkish offensive in northeastern Syria