ECFR in the Media


22nd October, 2019

Piotr Buras quoted on Deutschlandfunk on the new Polish PiS party's right-wing competitor in parliament. 


22nd October, 2019

Forbes published Piotr Buras' piece on the EU's challenges ahead after the troublesome autumn. 

Deutsche Welle

21st October, 2019

Vesela Tcherneva quoted by Deutsche Welle, on the whether the CVM for Bulgaria will be lifted.

France Culture

20th October, 2019

Justin Vaïsse is interviewed by France Culture about the Paris Peace Forum.

Project Syndicate

18th October, 2019

ECFR co-Chair Carl Bildt writes on the Turkish incusrion into Syria and the consequences for Kurds

AL Monitor

17th October, 2019

Asli Aydıntaşbaş speaks on Pence and the leaked Trump-Erdogan letter

El Universal

16th October, 2019

Asli Aydıntaşbaş speaks to El Universal about the Turkish incursion into Northern Syria


16th October, 2019

Vessela Tcherneva quoted on the consequences of the military offensive in northern Syria.

Financial Times

16th October, 2019

Rachman discusses on his podcast the similarities between the Brexit and Trump phenomena and America's shrinking role on the global stage, with Jeremy Shapiro among others. 


15th October, 2019

Piotr Buras is cited on PiS and the EU