ECFR in the Media


24th November, 2019

Josef Janning in an interview about Germany's role in Europe and a common EU security policy

La Stampa

24th November, 2019

Cinzia Bianco on Saudi Arabia and G20

The Wall Street Journal

22nd November, 2019

Vessela Tcherneva on the French proposal about the Western Balkans


19th November, 2019

Piotr Buras being interviewed on SWR2 about the reforms of the Polish judiciary system.

War on the Rocks

18th November, 2019

Jeremy Shapiro and Aaron Stein's piece on Syria, Trump and Erdogan. 

The New York Times

17th November, 2019

Anthony Dworkin comments on the repatriation of ISIS foreign fighters.

The Guardian

16th November, 2019

Ulrike Franke's piece on Anna Kramp-Kannenbauer and Macron's shared goals is cited in The Guardian.

La Croix

15th November, 2019

Hugh Lovatt features in La Croix.

Neue Züricher Zeitung

14th November, 2019

Neue Züricher Zeitung refers and links to Anthony Dworkin's policy brief about returning ISIS fighters.

Deutsche Welle

14th November, 2019

Hugh Lovatt quoted on Deutsche Welle about how Netanjahu and Iran benefit from the emerging violence in Gaza.