ECFR in the Media

The Guardian_4_October_2007

04th October, 2007
"To realise our national interests today, Britain almost invariably has to work through international alliances and institutions, often starting with the EU." Column by Timothy Garton Ash

EU Observer oct 3 2007

03rd October, 2007
"A group of European politicians and intellectuals have started a new think tank aimed at pushing EU capitals to creating a "more coherent and vigorous" foreign affairs policy in an attempt to make Europe a stronger player on the global stage." News article

irish times oct 3 2007

03rd October, 2007
"Among their proposals are closer EU co-operation at the UN, the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO, as well as a firm commitment to future membership for Turkey and the western Balkans." News article

Die Presse oct 3

03rd October, 2007
Fischer und Ahtisaari sind die Galionsfiguren eines neuen europ?ischen Think Tank, des "European Council on Foreign Relations".

Today’s Zaman-news-oct2-2007

02nd October, 2007
"50 prominent Europeans, including former politicians and intellectuals, called on the European Union to [...] keep its promises made to candidate Turkey."

Corriere della Sera oct 2 2007

02nd October, 2007
"Gli europei dovrebbero fare di tutto per convincere gli americani che con l'Iran bisogna mettere sul tavolo tutte le questioni rilevanti, non solo il nucleare," ha detto Joschka Fischer al Corriere della Sera.


02nd October, 2007
"When you see that our economy is 15 times Russia's, normally you would think that Russia depends more on Europe than the other way around," Fischer said in a telephone interview.

tages-anzeiger oct 2 2007

02nd October, 2007
German-language version of an opinion piece written by ECFR co-chairs, published in Switzerland's Tages-Anzeiger through Project Syndicate


02nd October, 2007
"The divisive question of Turkey's accession to the European Union is reopened on Tuesday with an appeal from 50 prominent politicians and intellectuals for the door to full membership for Ankara to be kept open." News article by Tony Barber

gazeta wyborcza october 2 2007

02nd October, 2007
News article on ECFR in Poland's leading newspaper.