ECFR in the Media


06th April, 2020

Janka Oertel quoted on the corona crisis being  a defining moment for the future of EU-China relations.

France 24

06th April, 2020

Pawel Zerka quoted on the possible wins for populists in the coronacrisis.


06th April, 2020

Asli Aydintasbas quoted on Erdogan's handeling of the coronacrisis.

Svenska Dagbladet

05th April, 2020

Majda Ruge quoted on China's "mask diplomacy" in Serbia.


05th April, 2020

Aftenposten refers to Jana Puglerin's article on Merkel's leadership role during the coronacrisis.


03rd April, 2020

Vessela Tcherneva for BNT: The countries of the eurozone will be the first ones to receive financial aid


03rd April, 2020

Pawel Zerka quoted on Poland's attempt to hold the presidential elections during the corona crisis.

Financial Times

03rd April, 2020

Jose Ignacio Torreblanca quoted on the Spanish's government response to coronavirus.

Deník Referendum

03rd April, 2020

Ivan Krastev Seven Lesson in Czech translation. 

Le Monde

02nd April, 2020

Ellie Geranmayeh quoted on Europe's export of medical goods to Iran.