ECFR in the Media


03rd August, 2018

Ellie Geranmayeh on the recent economic troubles in Iran.


03rd August, 2018

Ulrike Franke finds that the general structure of European security is not prepared for the future


03rd August, 2018

Asli Aydintasbas comments on Turkey's gradual drift away from the West


02nd August, 2018

Asli Aydintasbas comments on the current state of the US-Turkey relationship

El Mundo

02nd August, 2018

Tarek Megerisi on migratory flows to Europe. 

Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs

01st August, 2018

Teresa Coratella on current Italian government European policy ahead of 2019 European elections

El Español

01st August, 2018

Susi Dennison is quoted on the European extreme right and Steve Bannon.

The Washington Post

31st July, 2018

Tareq Baconi finds the only way to conclusively defuse the persistent violence between Israel and Hamas is for external parties to mediate a cease-fire that commits to three longer-term goals

Vice News

30th July, 2018

Teresa Coratella on Salvini's comments on Brexit

Rheinische Post

28th July, 2018

Andrew Lebovich comments on the political situation in Mali.