ECFR in the Media - Scorecard


03rd February, 2015

bTV comments the Scorecard 2015.


03rd February, 2015

"Dnevnik" quotes Scorecard 2015.

03rd February, 2015

Bulgaria in the Foreign Policy Scorecard 2015

Il Foglio

03rd February, 2015

Europe towards sanctions on Russia according to the European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2015

Austria Presse Agentur

02nd February, 2015

ECFR's Scorecard 2015 rates Austria's external action as average in comparison to other EU member states


02nd February, 2015

Francisco de Borja Lasheras is interviewed about Russia, Ukraine, and the European Foreign Policy Scorecard.

Spiegel Online

30th January, 2015

ECFRs latest Scorecard views Germany as one of the leading actors in European foreign policy

World Huanqiu

03rd April, 2014

ECFR's Scorecard is used in an analysis of Polish foreign policy

Estudios de Política Exterior

12th March, 2014

José I. Torreblanca and Borja Lasheras analize the Spanish foreign policy in the Scorecard 2014

10th February, 2014 presents the latest ECFR Scorecard publication.