ECFR in the Media - Guney Yildiz

The Times

03rd April, 2018

Guney Yildiz quoted in The Times on Erdogan's domestic policy

Valdai Club

02nd April, 2018

Guney Yildiz quoted in Valdai Club on the Turksih offensive in Afrin 

Al Jazeera

31st March, 2018

Guney Yildiz speaks on Al Jazeera about how France can offer mediation between Turkish and Syrian forces in the Syrian conflict 

Al Jazeera

21st January, 2018

In a broadcast by Al Jazeera, Guney Yildiz discusses the Syrian war and US-Turkey relations following Turkey's latest attack on Kurds in Northern Syria.

The Wall Street Journal

21st January, 2018

Guney Yildiz tells the WSJ that Turkish attacks on a Kurdish enclave in Syria is an act of desperation.

BBC News

20th January, 2018

BBC News interview on Turkish airstrikes on Syrian Kurdish city of Afrin with Guney Yildiz

Al Jazeera

26th November, 2017

Guney Yildiz comments on Syrian air strikes on oppositions ahead of UN negotiations.

UK Parliament

21st November, 2017

Guney Yildiz participates in an evidence session about Kurdish interests and the UK for the Foreign Affairs Committee. Video of session available here.

Deutsche Welle

13th September, 2017

Guney Yildiz is quoted on the contract that Turkey signed with Russia to buy a missile defense system.

Deutsche Welle

13th September, 2017

Guney Yildiz is quoted about the growing Turkish military capacity outside of NATO.