ECFR in the Media - Jeremy Shapiro

Trump Is Coming Off as Putin’s Poodle, But That Actually Undermines Russia’s Main Goal

19th July, 2018

Donald Trump may be Russia's last friend in Washington, but that isn't as significant as it may seem, writes Jeremy Shapiro for Foreign Policy. 

War on the Rocks

18th July, 2018

Jeremy Shapiro and IISS's Kori Schake find pertinent links between the cult American film, and the embattled American president. 

The New York Times

13th July, 2018

Jeremy Shapiro is quoted in the NYT this week from his latest commentary on Trump's meaningless defence spending obsession. 

Le Point

10th July, 2018

Jeremy Shapiro quoted in Le Point regarding Donald Trump and the NATO summit.

La Voz de Galicia

17th May, 2018

Jeremy Shapiro is quoted about the EU's position on the latest US decisions.


09th May, 2018

WAtoday quotes Jeremy Shapiro on the Iran deal's opposition from Saudi Arabia, Israel and other regional players.

The New York Times

09th May, 2018

Jeremy Shapiro is quoted on Europe´s struggle to defend its interests on the Iran nuclear deal. 

The New York Times

09th May, 2018

Jeremy Shapiro quoted in The New York Times on how Trump humiliated European allies by pulling out of the Iran deal


28th April, 2018

ABC quotes Jeremy Shapiro on Macron´s visit to Washington. 

El Periódico

27th April, 2018

Jeremy Shapiro is quoted on Macron´s visit to Washington.