ECFR in the Media - Sebastian Dullien

Die Zeit

22nd October, 2018

Sebastian Dullien explains in an Op-Ed published in Die Zeit the difference between a european counterinsurance for nonworkers and unimployment insurance on EU level.


09th October, 2018

Sebastian Dullien analyzes the US-american economic policy in an Op-Ed in the Tageszeitung.

Die Zeit

19th September, 2018

Sebastian Dullien was quoted by Mark Schieritz in "Die Zeit" regarding the consequences resulting from an international strenghtening of the Euro. 


19th June, 2018

Sebastian Dullien quoted on the meeting of President Macron and Chancellor Merkel ahead of EU summit.


14th June, 2018

In BBC's World Business Report, Sebastian Dullien discusses the implications of the recent succession of votes on Brexit in the British parliament.

Italiens Crashkurs – Europas neue Krise?

07th June, 2018

In Maybrit Illner's talkshow Sebastian Dullien dismissed the plans by the new Italien governement as irresponsible.


05th April, 2018

Sebastian Dullien is quoted by WirtschaftsWoche on the trade conflict between China and the USA.


13th March, 2018

Sebastian Dullien on US - German diplomatic tensions


13th March, 2018

Sebastian Dullien is quoted by Bloomberg regarding Trump's aggressive behavior towards Germany.

The Economist

08th March, 2018

Sebastian Dullien is quoted in the Economist on why Germany's government is not about to go soft on the Euro