ECFR in the Media - Sofia

Monitor Global Outlook

28th January, 2014

Dimitar Bechev: Bulgaria, Romania fail to address corruption

BNR Blagoevgrad

24th January, 2014

A comment by Dimitar Becehv about the report of the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council regarding Bulgaria's progress on the mechanism for cooperation and verification.

Bulgaria on air

24th January, 2014

Dimitar Bechev about the collapse of the Turkish lira, about the condition of the economy under Erdogan and about the energy relations with Bulgaria.

Bulgarian National Radio

23rd January, 2014

Is Romania doing better on the implementation of the European Commission's recommendations?

E-Vestnik - Nacho in El Pais

23rd January, 2014

Refusal from the euro or United European States - what would you prefer?

Translation of an article in El Pais

Bulgarian National Television

21st January, 2014

Politics and diplomcay - discussion in "More from the day" with Vessela Tcherneva and Solomon Passy

Bulgarian National Television

13th January, 2014

The corruption scandal in Turkey - a comment by Dimitar Bechev

Bulgarian National Television

10th January, 2014

The analyst Dimitar Bechev comments the scandal in Turkey.

Bulgaria on air

09th January, 2014

Vessela Tcherneva: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hasn't announced the apology towards the French embassy, so as not to anger Siderov


02nd January, 2014

"Britain's fobia" by Dimitar Bechev.