ECFR in the Media - European Power

Foreign Policy

17th August, 2018

Ulrike Franke discusses consumer drone regulation, in light of the Maduro attack

El País

12th August, 2018

Mark Leonard on how the EU can no longer afford to defer to America´s foreign-policy establishment. 

The Atlantic

09th August, 2018

Ulrike Franke weighs in on exploding drones in Venezuela

El Español

09th August, 2018

Ulrike Franke on Germany's nuclear deterrence and its ability to secure its interests

CBC Radio

07th August, 2018

Ulrike Franke speaks with As It Happens about why turning a commercial drone into weapon is 'not rocket science.' 


02nd August, 2018

Asli Aydintasbas comments on the current state of the US-Turkey relationship

Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs

01st August, 2018

Teresa Coratella on current Italian government European policy ahead of 2019 European elections

El Español

01st August, 2018

Susi Dennison is quoted on the European extreme right and Steve Bannon.

Vice News

30th July, 2018

Teresa Coratella on Salvini's comments on Brexit

Al Jazeera

27th July, 2018

Ellie Geranmayeh in a panel discussion on Donald Trump's foreign policy and transatlantic relations.