ECFR in the Media - The Middle East and North Africa

Al Watan Klau Iran

18th September, 2009
Klau on European sanctions against Iran.

Christian Science Monitor Klau Iran sanctions

17th September, 2009
Klau discusses sanctions on Iran as an alternative to military action.

christian science monitor dworkin libya

01st September, 2009
Anthony Dworkin comments on Europe's view of Qaddafi.

time korski iran

02nd July, 2009
Daniel Korski comments on the EU's stance on Iran.

Deutsche Welle Korski Afpak G8

25th June, 2009
Daniel Korski comments on the EU's involvement in 'Afpak'.

korski time afghan iran

31st March, 2009
Europe is not doing enough in Afghanistan, says Korski.

korski afghan surge upi

25th March, 2009
US newswire cites Afghan brief.

Radio Free Europe Iraq Korski

19th February, 2009
There is no broader European Iraq initiative than that led by France, argues Korski.

Gulf Times French car industry

13th February, 2009
Ulrike Gu?rot quoted in a story about the French car industry.

Voice of America Gaza Dworkin

12th February, 2009
Dworkin: The ICC can only investigate war crimes if it regards Palestine as a state.