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Global Post Witney

18th November, 2010

Nick Witney is quoted in an article on why Turkey must take sides in the upcoming NATO summit

Tension in US-EU relations is real, but not new, experts say

13th September, 2010

Ulrike Guerot on the EU's efforts to be "taken seriously by the US".

Iraq faces increasingly uncertain future as US troops withdraw

19th August, 2010

Richard Gowan on the potential violence in Iraq, post-US withdrawal.

17th June, 2010
A piece on China's rise quoting our latest publication.

07th June, 2010
A piece on ex-Yugoslav states referring to our Balkan paper.

?Lacrime e sangue? o sar? default

23rd April, 2010
Klau: The Greek crisis is far more dangerous for the EU than the wartime-split over Iraq.

13th April, 2010
Ulrike Guerot and Thomas Klau on how the Greek financial crisis is straining the Franco-German relationship.

time Should Europe Lift Its Arms Embargo on China?

10th February, 2010
Godement: the Spanish bid to review the embargo is ill-conceived.