ECFR in the Media - The Middle East and North Africa

Levy NYT Gaza

24th November, 2012

Daniel Levy is quoted on Egypt's responsibility in the Gaza conflict.

European Voice

22nd November, 2012

Richard Gowan makes the case for greater European involvement in Syria

Leonard Reuters Israel

21st November, 2012

Mark Leonard calls for Israel's need to negotiate a deal, instead of seeking geopolitical escapism.

Huffington Post

19th November, 2012

Daniel Levy comments on a Israel's regional strategy

Levy NBC Iran

19th November, 2012

Daniel Levy is quoted on Iran's involvement in the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Amrani NPR Gaza

18th November, 2012

Issandr El Amrani analyses Egypt's quick reaction to the bombardments on Gaza.

Levy Haaretz Israel

16th November, 2012

Daniel Levy on what Obama's recent re-election means for American-Israeli relations.

The Guardian

13th November, 2012

Julien Barnes-Dacey comments on Moaz al-Khatib's election as head of the new Syrian opposition

Zeit Online

12th November, 2012

Julien Barnes-Dacey analyses Europe's response to the potential crisis in Lebanon

JBarnes Dacey Die Zeit Lebanon

31st October, 2012

Julien Barnes-Dacey on Lebanon and Europe's position towards Hezbollah.