ECFR in the Media

Deutschlandfunk Kultur

10th December, 2019

Janka Oertel interviewed about the Huawei issue and German-Chinese relations.

Deutsche Welle

09th December, 2019

Deutsche Welle refers to latest Unlock study and its results.


09th December, 2019

Josef Janning quoted on Germany's position in the Normandy talks. 

The Guardian

08th December, 2019

José Ignacio Torreblanca quoted on how the Franco-German relationship blocks a more assertive EU and common foreign policy.


07th December, 2019

Josef Janning quoted on the future of the Grand Coalition in Germany.

ISPI Journal

05th December, 2019

Julien Barnes-Dacey's article on the reconstruction of Syria and the role for external players


05th December, 2019

Anthony Dworkin and his publication on repatriation of ISIS foreign fighters quoted.


05th December, 2019

Nick Witney quoted on the frenemies Johnson and Trump.


04th December, 2019

Interview with Gustav Gressel on German-Russian relations after suspected Russian involvement in a murder in Berlin.


04th December, 2019

"Powinno nam zależeć na tym ,żeby NATO było stałym sojuszem i USA były jak najgłębiej zaangażowane w Europie" -  dyrektor warszawskiego biura ECFR Piotr Buras komentuje aktualną kondycje Sojuszu Północnoatlantyckiego.