Europe retreats (Commentary)

Richard Gowan - 09 February 2009

Europe's military is beating the retreat just as the world's emerging powers are expanding their presence ? an early sign perhaps of a new international order.

Blame the policy, not the army (Commentary)

Nick Witney - 05 February 2009

As the British Army?s problems deepen, Nick Witney blames a defence policy too fixated on the US.

Europe needs to forge a strategy to cope with a shaken, evolving Russia (Commentary)

Timothy Garton Ash - 05 February 2009

Our vital interests from energy to security cry out for a new, fully European Ostpolitik - and one nation holds the key.

Hugging the panda (Commentary)

José Ignacio Torreblanca - 02 February 2009

There is nothing wrong in engaging China rather than antagonizing her: but Europe must coordinate its human rights policy towards Beijing.

A time for China to see a coordinated Europe (Commentary)

John Fox - 30 January 2009

In response to the Chinese Premier?s European tour, John Fox argues that Europe's national interests must be put aside.

Gas crisis should refocus the EU's priorities (Commentary)

Vessela Tcherneva - 29 January 2009

Bulgaria was one of the countries worst affected by the gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine. What lessons are there for Bulgaria to learn?

China's Europe tour overshadowed by US relations (Commentary)

François Godement - 29 January 2009

Fran?ois Godement argues the Chinese Premier's European trip will do little to mask recent diplomatic disputes.

Avoiding the next gas crisis (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 28 January 2009

After an unprecedented two week gas shut off during a freezing winter, Andrew Wilson looks at what can be done to stop such crises becoming an annual event.

Writing cheques for Gaza is easy. Politics is the tricky bit (Commentary)

Chris Patten - 27 January 2009

Chris Patten argues it is time to question Europe's historic role of financing the failure of policies laid down in Israel and the US.

Hammers and nails (Commentary)

José Ignacio Torreblanca - 26 January 2009

As the US plans to beef up its foreign service, Europe should also consider instilling life to the idea of an integrated diplomatic service, argues Jos? Ignacio Torreblanca.