Pulling together or pulling apart: The coronavirus crisis and political participation (Commentary)

Milica Delevic - 08 September 2020

The sheer magnitude of the crisis and the way in which it exposes existing fault lines – particularly the shocking levels of inequality in many societies – are making political mobilisation more likely.


How the frugal four could grow in number and influence (Commentary)

Catharina Sørensen - 07 September 2020

Brexit has denied Denmark a regular ally in EU negotiations. Copenhagen can find new friends – but it should start the hard yards now. 

How to ensure Mali’s coup leads to a true democratic transition (Commentary)

Andrew Lebovich - 04 September 2020

The coup creates an opportunity to address the crucial, intertwined issues of reform and consultation – issues that have been neglected by the authorities at key points in Mali’s recent history.

Protracted, neglected, and ineffective: Lessons from the Lebanon tribunal (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 04 September 2020

International courts are no substitute for politics – not least when the countries that set them up fail to back them.

Why Finland never joined the frugal four (Commentary)

Hanna Ojanen - 04 September 2020

Recent signs that Finland has joined the “frugal four” are overstated, but one member of the group may well be its closest coalition partner.


How new street protests can help diplomacy in Libya succeed (Commentary)

Tarek Megerisi - 04 September 2020

Rival camps in Libya will likely sabotage political processes that could undermine them. The international community can head this off by harnessing protesters’ justified anger. 

Trump’s dirty tricks (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 03 September 2020

Although US President Donald Trump’s efforts to undermine the election are shameless, they are still more subtle than the outright election rigging that one finds in places like Belarus. Like other authoritarian leaders, Trump is deploying a new anti-democratic politics that has yet to be fully comprehended.

Under the waves: Turkey’s Black Sea gas discovery and relations with Europe (Commentary)

Asli Aydıntaşbaş - 03 September 2020

Turkey’s discovery of a large gas reserve in the Black Sea could benefit its economy in six or seven years, but it will not ease Turkish-European tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The slow dismantling of the Belarusian state (Commentary)

Gustav Gressel - 02 September 2020

While this revolutionary movement did not start as a geopolitical endeavour, it will certainly end as one.

Sudan peace agreement: What it really means for the country’s transition (Commentary)

Theodore Murphy - 02 September 2020

The power of Sudan’s protest movement has sustained the prime minister in office  but its trust in Abdalla Hamdouk has ebbed of lateThis week’s peace agreement gives him the chance to win it back.