Articles on Cohesion & Governance

The British Question (Commentary)

Hans Kundnani - 03 September 2012

As the eurozone begins a process of accelerated integration and British Prime Minister David Cameron comes under increasing pressure from Eurosceptic Conservative MPs and public opinion, a moment of truth may come sooner rather than later. So does the United Kingdom have a European future?


‘Political union’: A German Europe or disintegration? (Commentary)

Hans Kundnani - 30 August 2012

As speculation about a Greek exit from the eurozone continues, Germany is pushing ahead with plans for a new treaty that might result in a transformation of the EU - or its disintegration.


Merkel is our only hope (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 09 July 2012

The British debate on Germany and the euro should focus on understanding Merkel's technocratic ideas without invoking Hitler and the Second World War. The best way to get Germany to abandon its counterproductive economic reforms is to talk about a compelling European future, rather than dwelling on the past.


Terminating the European status quo (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 06 July 2012

It is becoming clear that the roots of the euro crisis are political rather than economic. The 2008 financial meltdown may well give birth to one of the great moments of political realignment where mainstream parties are being pushed to the sidelines and parties that used to skulk on the fringes are dominating the agenda.


The dark flip-side of European technocracy (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 01 June 2012

The elitist and technocractic nature of German politics means that the case for European integration is not being made to the German people. Worryingly this is also giving an opportunity for anti-EU populists to gain influence.


Two dangerous myths about a 'Grexit' (Commentary)

Sebastian Dullien - 17 May 2012

Two myths about a Greek exit from the euro have recently gained traction. Both are misguided and both are extremely dangerous. Here are the reasons why.


Hollande has reinvented politics in Europe (Commentary)

Thomas Klau - 08 May 2012

The implosion of Greece's party political landscape and the victory of François Hollande in France transformed the political debate in Europe. Moreover, both events act as a catalyst for a political reinvention of the eurozone and an emergence of a transnational political space.


Making the case for a 'federation lite' (Commentary)

Marco de Andreis - 03 May 2012

The European financial crisis has refocused the debate on the nature of Europe’s political union. Emma Bonino and Marco de Andreis make the case that a ‘lite’ version of federation may provide a viable and practical solution to the euro crisis. 


Poland: fully engaged in Europe (Commentary)

Radosław Sikorski - 17 April 2012

Deeper EU integration is a sensible way forward but Poland will not support the institutionalisation of a two-speed Europe. The imperative for closer cooperation between the euro zone members should not be a means of dismantling the EU.


The sick man of Europe is Europe (Commentary)

Justin Vaisse - 20 February 2012

The ECFR Scorecard 2012 shows that Europe's power is waning - and if the continent doesn't get its act together soon, it could put the global order in serious jeopardy.