Articles on European Power

Preparing for President Hollande (Commentary)

Thomas Klau - 24 April 2012

The prospect of a victory by François Hollande may be causing nervousness in Berlin and elsewhere, but the socialist candidate in the French presidential elections is a natural compromise-builder, and Europe should have no real reason to fear his victory.


France deserves better than this (Commentary)

Thomas Klau - 20 April 2012

As France votes in the first round of its presidential elections, the French people have been denied an analytically, politically honest and comprehensive engagement by the politicians with the real issues at hand in France and Europe.


Poland: fully engaged in Europe (Commentary)

Radosław Sikorski - 17 April 2012

Deeper EU integration is a sensible way forward but Poland will not support the institutionalisation of a two-speed Europe. The imperative for closer cooperation between the euro zone members should not be a means of dismantling the EU.


BRICS may find common ground, but India must stand up for itself (Commentary)

Parag Khanna - 29 March 2012

This week's BRICS summit may be a shop window for the potency of the world's rapidly rising global powers, but on closer inspection there is a startling lack of unity between them.


Reinventing Europe: Czech lessons for small countries (Commentary)

- 28 March 2012

As part of the ‘Reinvention of Europe’ project, ECFR is publishing a series of papers on the national debates within EU member states about the crisis and the future direction of Europe. The second paper in the series examines the Czech situation.


Fog in Moscow (Commentary)

Jana Kobzova - 22 March 2012

Vladimir Putin is set to reassume the reins of power in the Kremlin. But what will Russia's foreign policy be, and how should the European Union and its member states react?


Why Berlin is fixed on a German solution to the eurozone crisis (Commentary)

Sebastian Dullien & Ulrike Guérot - 06 March 2012

Understanding how Berlin thinks is now more important than ever. If EU leaders want Angela Merkel to listen to calls for growth, they first need to understand her economic mindset which is deeply rooted in a concept known as 'ordoliberalism'.


The sick man of Europe is Europe (Commentary)

Justin Vaisse - 20 February 2012

The ECFR Scorecard 2012 shows that Europe's power is waning - and if the continent doesn't get its act together soon, it could put the global order in serious jeopardy.


Will the Europeans ever get their act together on security? (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 15 February 2012

Unlike saving the euro, saving CSDP and building Europe's shared defence and security capacity need not cost a cent. It would also be invaluable in helping the EU develop as a serious foreign policy actor.


The ominous rise of geoeconomics (Commentary)

José Ignacio Torreblanca & Nika Prislan - 14 February 2012

The lack of a defined European response to the current crisis is forcing EU member states to renationalise their own foreign policy, rather than forge common positions. This new age of geoeconomics carries a hidden cost for Europe in the long run.