Much work to do (Commentary)

José Ignacio Torreblanca - 23 October 2007

Ratification and implementation of the new EU treaty is an opportunity to win the argument for Europe's global role

In Search of the EU?s Pakistan Policy (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 22 October 2007

Pakistan's stability is vital to Europe's security. Why, then, does EU?s role in Pakistan bear all the hallmarks of the pre-Maastricht polity it no longer wants to be?

No way to treat a friend (Commentary)

Chris Patten - 19 October 2007

Europe has just as much to lose as Turkey if the doubters prevail in the membership battle

Drafting a global player (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 17 October 2007

Unless something goes badly wrong, EU leaders will agree a new treaty at this week's summit in Lisbon. This opinion piece was published by the Wall Street Journal.

China and the world - convergence or collision? (Commentary)

François Godement - 14 October 2007

Will the rise of China lead to inevitable conflict on the international stage? Or will China mellow and adapt to international norms as it grapples with the new requirements of its phenomenal growth?

Burma and Uzbekistan: The EU?s Muddle (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 12 October 2007

European double-standards on Burma and Uzbekistan will hurt the EU's interests and democracy in both countries.

Dare una sola voce all'Europa nel mondo (Commentary)

Emma Bonino - 10 October 2007

L'ECFR ? appena nato in Europa per offrire a tutti quegli europei convinti che serva un'Europa forte, attiva, e coesa nel mondo, uno strumento nuovo e moderno che li aiuti a trasformare questa convinzione in realt?.

A microcosm of Europe (Commentary)

Thomas Klau - 09 October 2007

What would happen if all of Europe were brought together in one room? This weekend an ambitious 'deliberative poll' will help us find out.

Burma: Sharing Power with the Generals (Commentary)

François Godement - 03 October 2007

Targeted sanctions are a good idea ? but the goal must be to convince the Junta that they are better off with a political process

Ukraine Goes to the Polls: Another Year, Another Crisis? (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 03 October 2007

After years of political stagnation, 2008 will be a key year for Europe and the Ukraine