This treaty is a mess, but it will free Europe to do more important things (Commentary)

Timothy Garton Ash - 13 December 2007

In itself, the treaty will do nothing to convince Europe's citizens, or the rest of the world, of what the EU is good for. But it will help the EU to do things that may convince them.

The Comit? des Sages: a wise idea? (Commentary)

José Ignacio Torreblanca - 12 December 2007

European leaders are set to examine Nikolas Sarkozy's proposal to launch a "Comit? des Sages" but the proposal has so far been received with scepticism by most stakeholders.

Russia's elections and the Putin succession (Commentary)

- 11 December 2007

Will Russia's political tradition of personalised autocracy allow Putin's survival strategy to succeed? An analysis in Bulgarian

Curtain time in Kosovo (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 11 December 2007

After trying to resolve Kosovo's status, diplomats have given up. The U.S and the EU now need to back the compromise proposed by UN Special Envoy Martti Ahtisaari and re-affirm the region's European trajectory.

Russia?s over-managed democracy (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 04 December 2007

Putin?s grand plan may not yet be clear, but most of the likely variants now hinge on how he will use the mandate from Sunday?s election to stage-manage the next vote in March.

On Iran, the wind goes out of the balloon (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 04 December 2007

The wind seems have gone out of the Bush administration's Iran balloon. But air has been seeping out since the IAEA report in mid-November.

Observing Russia's elections (Commentary)

Nicu Popescu - 02 December 2007

Whatever the electoral outcome, Putin wins. But this time, the manner of the Russian strongman?s victory will undermine not only Russian democracy; but the credibility of Europe?s democracy-promotion.

A month for hard power (Commentary)

Richard Gowan - 28 November 2007

There?s a real risk that, in the weeks between now and Christmas, the EU will face violence in either Kosovo, where 15,000 European troops underwrite security, or Lebanon where 8,000 Europeans have made up the backbone of the UN peace force.

The EU meets China: united we stand? (Commentary)

François Godement - 28 November 2007

The EU delegation has prepared an unusually full agenda for the annual EU-China Summit. However, there is a real danger they will go home empty-handed, and the Chinese will hijack the event to lecture about Taiwan and the Dalai Lama.

Steps toward an EU-NATO link (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 27 November 2007

The EU and NATO have a new opportunity to collaborate in ways that would help both organizations deal with fragile and failing states. But it will require practical steps to overcome ideological opposition to greater cooperation.