Articles on Europe and the world

Germany’s gambit: Turkey and the refugee crisis (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 28 January 2016

With domestic pressure over migration numbers growing, Angela Merkel is the EU leader most eager to engage with Turkey

G7 summitry – reborn but still the same (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 11 June 2015

Myths and symbolism have accompagnied the fundamental transformation of the gathering.

Transforming the global system (Commentary)

Fyodor Lukyanov and Ivan Krastev - 23 March 2015

In the new polycentric world, global institutions must be reformed so that regional powers have a say in the system.

Pressing Europeans on Defence: A US Power Play (Commentary)

Nick Witney - 12 March 2015

American UN ambassador Samantha Power explains why the EU needs to up its contributions to global UN peacekeeping.

UN Peace Operations and European Security: New Strategic Dynamics (Commentary)

Richard Gowan - 25 February 2015

Europe faces a worsening security situation on many fronts and needs tools – new and old – to stabilize its neighbourhood.

Brussels has fallen (Commentary)

José Ignacio Torreblanca - 24 February 2015

Internal divisions and external challenges threaten the continued survival of the European Union. 

When America Simply Shrugs (Commentary)

Volker Stanzel - 12 January 2015

Observations of a vacillating, hesitating superpower does not yet amount to the international community buying into the theory of America’s “decline.”

Prospects for the Iranian nuclear talks (Commentary)

Ellie Geranmayeh - 13 November 2014

While the new potential role of Russia boosts​ the chances of a final nuclear deal with Iran, gaps over sanctions relief continue to place doubts over whether this month's deadline can be met.

EU solidarity abandoned on Mediterranean shores (Commentary)

Susi Dennison - 12 November 2014

In the face of the deaths of thousands of migrants, the response of EU states has been chaotic and disjointed at best.