Articles on Europe and the world

Two challenges for Europe's politicians (Commentary)

Thomas Klau - 21 July 2011

The longer term challenges for Europe's politicians are to contest real power at a European level and be honest with voters about the issues confronting the continent in the 21st century.


True Europeans now need a 'Plan B' (Commentary)

George Soros - 12 July 2011

In an article for the Financial Times, George Soros argues that European leaders now need to search for an alternative to the crisis that has spread across Europe. This 'Plan B' for Europe will be a European solution, rather than the national solutions that so many are looking for.


Germany as a geoeconomic power (Commentary)

Hans Kundnani - 01 July 2011

It is wrong to think of Germany's assertive response to the eurozone crisis as a simple case of old-fashioned Realpolitik. Berlin's willingness to throw its weight around economically still sits awkardly with reluctance on military issues. In short, Germany is a geoeconomic power.


A memo to Ban Ki-moon (Commentary)

Richard Gowan and Bruce Jones - 30 June 2011

Dear Secretary-General, contratulations on winning a second five year term at the United Nations. Here are the issues that you will have to concentrate on, beginning with the immediate concerns of Libya, the wider Middle East and Sudan.


Even Homer nods (Commentary)

Nick Witney - 13 June 2011

Robert Gates has rightly earned the admiration of many in the security community. But his recent criticism of European contributions to NATO fail to come to terms with changes in how European nations conceive of their own security and the role NATO has to play in defending it.


The EU-Russia summit: what really matters? (Commentary)

Jana Kobzova - 06 June 2011

The atmosphere between the EU and Russia has improved remarkably over the last couple of years; but - ahead of this week's summit with Russia - the EU is struggling to turn good atmospherics into tangible progress in areas that really matter.


The EU and Libya: Missing in action in Misrata (Commentary)

Richard Gowan - 31 May 2011

The European Union needs to learn the lessons from the past as it wrestles with using military support to underpin its humanitarian assistance in Libya. This will allow it to develop more credible intervention forces for future crisis - ones that might actually work.


South Sudan & Palestine could heat up the UN's summer (Commentary)

Richard Gowan - 25 May 2011

The reputation of the UN and Ban Ki-moon may hinge upon the outcome in two of the world's trouble spots - South Sudan and Palestine. South Sudan in particular remains a crucial test of the institution's ability to handle weak states.


Living Together in 21st Century Europe (Commentary)

Joschka Fischer, Emma Bonino, Timothy Garton Ash, Martin Hirsch, Danuta Hübner, Ayşe Kadioglu, Sonja Licht, Vladimir Lukin and Javier Solana - 20 May 2011


Cultural diversity has been a constant feature of European history, and the source of many of our greatest achievement. We propose 17 principles to help policy-makers, leaders and activists ensure that Europe benefits from migration rather than fears it.