Articles on Justin Vaisse

The sick man of Europe is Europe (Commentary)

Justin Vaisse - 20 February 2012

The ECFR Scorecard 2012 shows that Europe's power is waning - and if the continent doesn't get its act together soon, it could put the global order in serious jeopardy.


EU foreign policy: Moving on from Libya (Commentary)

Hans Kundnani & Justin Vaisse - 20 April 2011

Historically, internal divisions have caused the EU to be flat-footed in responding to foreign policy crises. But by learning from the EU’s successes and failures, it should be possible to plan coordinated approaches for future crises.


Europe as a world power - discuss (Commentary)

Justin Vaisse - 30 March 2011

Agreement over Europe's performance is not the aim of ECFR's European Foreign Policy Scorecard. The aim is to encourage serious debate about the goals, tools, resources, difficult trade offs and moral dilemmas of Europe's foreign policy - even if that means that readers strongly disagree with our conclusions.