Articles on Sajad Jiyad

Time for a reset: Iraq’s new prime minister and the US-Iran rivalry (Commentary)

Sajad Jiyad - 11 May 2020

Iraq needs to reset its relations with both Tehran and Washington in a way that protects Iraqi sovereignty and allows the central government to reassert control over the security apparatus.

Iraq, Iran, and the spectre of US sanctions (Commentary)

Sajad Jiyad & Ellie Geranmayeh - 18 March 2020

European governments must seek to dissuade the US from using Iraq as a new battlefield in its struggle with Iran. 

Escalation nation: Iraq and the US-Iran rivalry (Commentary)

Sajad Jiyad - 13 March 2020

While Washington and Tehran appear eager to avoid a direct conflict with each other, the cycle of military aggression in Iraq could drag the country into deeper instability.

Iraq's unsustainable status quo (Commentary)

Sajad Jiyad - 27 February 2020

As the problems facing Iraq continue to mount, the window of opportunity for undertaking deep and lasting reforms is closing fast. 

Iraq’s response to the challenge of the Islamic State (Commentary)

Sajad Jiyad - 02 October 2014

Following the Islamic State’s dramatic advances in Iraq the country’s future now hangs in the balance with the prospect of protracted sectarian conflict and break-up looming large.