Articles on Jean-Baptiste Gallopin

Multiplying crises: The coronavirus in Sudan (Commentary)

Jean-Baptiste Gallopin - 08 June 2020

Sudan’s transitional authorities are struggling to deal with a health system that is collapsing under the weight of covid-19. But the most dramatic social and economic impact of the disease might come from the effects that restrictions on movement will have on prices and food security.

Off track: Why Sudan’s transition is in danger (Commentary)

Jean-Baptiste Gallopin - 18 March 2020

Six months since the start of the transition to civilian rule, the process in Sudan is increasingly in question as Bashir-era generals work to retain their power.

Sudan’s chance for democracy (Commentary)

Jean-Baptiste Gallopin - 15 November 2019

EU support for Sudan’s new prime minister is welcome in addressing the urgent challenges of the country’s political transition. But it will take more than economic reform to bring peace and stability to Sudan.