Articles on Dimitar Bechev

Explaining the EP election results: Bulgaria (Commentary)

Dimitar Bechev - 26 May 2014

Still pro-EU, Bulgarian’s cast a vote of no confidence for the current government

Consequences of Ukraine: Europe’s fragile cohesion (Commentary)

Dimitar Bechev & Piotr Buras - 20 May 2014

Below the superficial unity in response to the Ukraine crisis, member states are dividing into clusters, each with its own view on Russia.

Britain's Bulgaria-Romania phobia (Commentary)

Dimitar Bechev - 06 January 2014

The panic in Britain over prospective Bulgarian and Romanian immigration is based on a misunderstanding of European rules. It is also at odds with the country's best traditions.

Ukraine and Bulgaria show power of EU model (Commentary)

Dimitar Bechev - 09 December 2013

There are still countries in Europe where protestors enthusiastically wave the EU's star-studded flag rather than burning it in anger. These days Kiev's embattled EuroMaidan is as much the heart of the Union as the Schuman roundabout in Brussels. So who said Europe lacks a story and a cause?

Bulgaria: students to the rescue (Commentary)

Dimitar Bechev - 20 November 2013

Mistrust is the basic idiom of Bulgarian politics. The prolonged crisis in Bulgaria exposes the bankruptcy of an entire political system in desperate need of renewal.

Turkey's people power tide (Commentary)

Dimitar Bechev - 03 June 2013

The eruption of protest in Istanbul and other Turkish cities expresses vigorous opposition to the political direction of prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. This is a big, even historic, moment in Turkey.


Serbia, Kosovo and the benefits of normalisation (Commentary)

Dimitar Bechev - 24 April 2013

The EU-brokered deal between Serbia and Kosovo settles the most acute dispute in the Balkans and is likely to have an impact on the wider region. Yet it may be too early to declare victory in the Balkans.


Bulgaria’s anger, the real source (Commentary)

Dimitar Bechev - 15 March 2013

An escalating crisis in Bulgaria marked by street-protests across the country forced the government's resignation. But the instant wisdom that financial austerity caused it is misleading.


Bringing Turkey back to the EU debate (Commentary)

Dimitar Bechev & Nathalie Tocci - 21 December 2012

Shunned by the EU with membership talks effectively blocked, Turkey feels empowered. It is no longer on the European periphery, but at the centre of its own world.