Articles on Majda Ruge

Serbia and coronavirus propaganda: High time for a transactional EU (Commentary)

Majda Ruge & Nicu Popescu - 04 June 2020

It is time for the EU to direct much more of its financial assistance through channels other than highly corrupt governments that consistently violate European norms and standards.

The house that connects France and Germany: Jean Monnet’s mission to America (Commentary)

Majda Ruge - 12 May 2020

European integration was never distinct from, or opposed to, a strong transatlantic relationship or American interests.

Serbia’s coronavirus diplomacy unmasked (Commentary)

Majda Ruge & Janka Oertel - 26 March 2020

The Serbian president has exploited the EU’s internal divisions to insult the bloc and legitimise his policies, as well as his courtship of authoritarian partners.


Westlessness: Lessons from the Western Balkans (Commentary)

Majda Ruge - 20 February 2020

The EU’s interventions in the Western Balkans succeed only when key member states and the US act strategically and pull in the same direction.