Articles on Arturo Varvelli

Italy’s chance in Libya (Commentary)

Arturo Varvelli & Tarek Megerisi - 16 June 2020

The tide of Libya’s war is turning against renegade general Khalifa Haftar. Italy should seize this opportunity to lead European countries to a harmonised Libya policy.

Italy's industrial geopolitics: Torn between Europe and China (Commentary)

Arturo Varvelli, Filippo Fasulo - 05 May 2020

Italian leaders have developed a dangerous preoccupation with being seen to oppose the rest of Europe – particularly Germany – and wild ideas about a future close relationship with China.

Uncharted territory: Italy’s response to the coronavirus (Commentary)

Arturo Varvelli - 11 March 2020

As the problems created by the coronavirus quickly escalate, the political credibility of many governments is being tested.

Reboot time: Operation Sophia and Italy’s tortuous Libya policy (Commentary)

Arturo Varvelli - 07 February 2020

A new mandate for Operation Sophia could be just what the Italian government is looking for – but much will depend on what the lead players in Libya do next.

Italy’s Libyan conundrum: The risks of short-term thinking (Commentary)

Arturo Varvelli and Matteo Villa - 26 November 2019

By prioritising short-term gains in irregular migration and energy security, Italy and the EU have helped create an unsustainable security and political situation in Libya.