Articles on European Sovereignty

“Strength has to start at home”: Interview with Borrell on the EU's response to the coronavirus (Commentary)

Josep Borrell | José Ignacio Torreblanca - 06 May 2020

The coronavirus pandemic started as a health crisis, but it will have long-term political, economic, and social implications. In an exclusive interview with the head of ECFR’s Madrid office, José Ignacio Torreblanca, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell assesses the European response to the crisis, its geopolitical consequences, and its effects on conflicts in Europe’s neighbourhood.

Salvaging globalisation (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 04 May 2020

Like other recent systemic crises, the coronavirus pandemic has confronted us with an inconvenient truth: the risks associated with international openness might very well outweigh the gains. If today’s multilateral frameworks are to have a future, they must be brought back into the service of national sovereignty.

European solidarity now, in the interest of all member states (Commentary)

- 09 April 2020

Joint German-Italian appeal to the governments of all member states and to EU institutions.

Digital dilemmas: European regulation and the internet (Commentary)

Carla Hobbs - 26 March 2020

The internet fundamentally tests the ways in which governments approach regulation.

Haven and hell: How the EU should protect refugees during the covid-19 crisis (Commentary)

René Wildangel - 24 March 2020

Even as it comes under intense pressure during the current crisis, the EU should not fail the most vulnerable displaced persons.

Whatever it takes: Italy and the Covid-19 crisis (Commentary)

Teresa Coratella - 18 March 2020

Italy’s response to the virus is starting to reshape its politics.


Europe (including Britain) can still be a superpower (Commentary)

Timothy Garton Ash - 04 March 2020

The key to European power projection isn’t institutional reform, it’s a shift in attitude and a willingness to cooperate.

Time for a geopolitical Europe: A German answer to Macron (Commentary)

Norbert Röttgen - 03 March 2020

It is time for Paris and Berlin to join together to strengthen Europe internally, securing its place in a world of renewed competition.

Digital decolonisation: The EU’s new ideas on data and artificial intelligence (Commentary)

Andrés Ortega - 25 February 2020

The EU is proposing a process of digital decolonisation, aiming to reduce its dependency on US and Chinese firms.

Upstaged: Europe’s struggles to play the great tech game (Commentary)

Ulrike Esther Franke - 25 February 2020

This year’s Munich Security Conference showed once again that just two players will fight the global battle over tech. And guess who’s missing.