Articles on National Politics

The big squeeze: British foreign policy after Brexit (Commentary)

Nicholas Westcott - 23 March 2020

For Britain, a close security relationship with the EU will be impossible to establish without a close political and economic relationship too.


Poland: Politics in a time of corona (Commentary)

Andrzej Mendel-Nykorowycz - 23 March 2020

The Polish government was swift to introduce tough measures on the coronavirus – but not to postpone a presidential election it thinks it will win.

Whatever it takes: Italy and the Covid-19 crisis (Commentary)

Teresa Coratella - 18 March 2020

Italy’s response to the virus is starting to reshape its politics.


Off track: Why Sudan’s transition is in danger (Commentary)

Jean-Baptiste Gallopin - 18 March 2020

Six months since the start of the transition to civilian rule, the process in Sudan is increasingly in question as Bashir-era generals work to retain their power.

Fear of loneliness: How the state uses insecurity (Commentary)

Caroline de Gruyter - 17 March 2020

The state surfs a wave of fear of the consequences and side-effects of public deficiencies and scarcity that it has created. 

A turn to the past: Ukraine’s troubling government reshuffle (Commentary)

Mattia Nelles - 12 March 2020

Last week’s government reshuffle and the dismissal of a highly regarded prosecutor general raise serious concerns about Ukraine’s pro-Western course.


Uncharted territory: Italy’s response to the coronavirus (Commentary)

Arturo Varvelli - 11 March 2020

As the problems created by the coronavirus quickly escalate, the political credibility of many governments is being tested.

Gangster governance: How Slovakia fought back against corruption (Commentary)

Chris Raggett - 06 March 2020

The events surrounding Slovakia’s parliamentary election show how endemic corruption can lead to unpredictable political transitions.

The European Green Deal: A political opportunity for Italy (Commentary)

Teresa Coratella - 17 February 2020

The Italian government sees the deal as not only the solution to an important challenge but, above all, an opportunity for Europe to become a key geopolitical actor.

The slow death of ambition: German foreign policy after Kramp-Karrenbauer's resignation (Commentary)

Jana Puglierin - 13 February 2020

The grand coalition will continue to be a kind of caretaker government in its lack of a big foreign policy vision.