Articles on Joanna Hosa

The coronavirus crisis: An opportunity to mend Polish-Ukrainian relations (Commentary)

Joanna Hosa, Oleksandra Iwaniuk - 17 April 2020

The Polish government would do well to recognise the value of Ukrainian workers, while the Ukrainian government should acknowledge that the Polish state cares for Ukrainians during these trying times.

The coronavirus in Eastern Europe: Avoiding another Chernobyl (Commentary)

Thornike Gordadze, Joanna Hosa, Dumitru Minzarari, Tatiana Stanovaya, Andrew Wilson - 01 April 2020

Trump’s Ukrainegate could help Ukraine (Commentary)

Joanna Hosa - 30 September 2019

The US president's impeachment process ensures Ukraine stays on the radar of Americans - and this may work to Ukraine's advantage

Ukraine’s broadening horizons (Commentary)

Joanna Hosa - 14 August 2019

Zelensky's visit to Turkey signals the growing importance of Turkish-Ukrainian relations

Ukraine's experiment with trust (Commentary)

Joanna Hosa - 21 February 2019

Trust is a scarce resource in Ukrainian politics. Could a TV president be the one to deliver it in the upcoming elections?

Polish cities against hatred and violence (Commentary)

Joanna Hosa - 17 January 2019

The murder of the mayor of Gdansk is an urgent reminder of the need to overcome violence and divisions in our society

Strategy on ice: Has Russia already won the scramble for the Arctic? (Commentary)

Joanna Hosa - 26 October 2018

Russia has already – literally – staked its claim to vast tracts of the Arctic, and now China is looking northward too. Can other countries catch up when they are already so far behind?

Four things to know ahead of the NATO Summit (Commentary)

Joanna Hosa & Jeremy Shapiro & Vessela Tcherneva & Nick Witney - 06 July 2018

Our experts pick out four main topics to pay attention to ahead of the NATO Summit in Brussels 

Poland: What went wrong? (Commentary)

Joanna Hosa - 17 November 2017

Condemnation and a few more EU aid payments will not fix Poland’s resurgent xenophobia.

Poland: The importance of being president (Commentary)

Joanna Hosa - 25 July 2017

As rifts appear in the ruling camp, the turmoil in Poland is far from over.