Articles on Susi Dennison

Reforming the Common European Asylum System (Commentary)

Susi Dennison - 17 May 2016

The political crisis surrounding the handling of refugee inflows in the EU has now reached a stage where there is too much bad blood for a “more of the same” approach to have much hope of working.

Bear any burden, and Paying the price (Commentary)

Susi Dennison & Sebastian Dullien & Josef Janning - 28 April 2016

The EU should broaden the scope of what is expected of member states on burden sharing on refugee crisis, within more formalised, intergovernmental co-operation according to two papers from ECFR

View from London: Ammunition for 'Out' (Commentary)

Susi Dennison - 05 April 2016

The terrorist attacks in Brussels were immediately picked up by the 'Out' campaign, but the government is promising European cooperation

View from London: A victory for British logic (Commentary)

Susi Dennison - 16 March 2016

The new focus on outsourcing and readmission may tick the boxes needed for London to strengthen its involvement

View from London: Eurosceptics on the up (Commentary)

Susi Dennison - 18 January 2016

Cologne attacks embolden UK's eurosceptic forces ahead of British EU referendum

View from London: Leading on foreign responses (Commentary)

Susi Dennison - 04 December 2015

London has steered clear of internal EU divisions over burden sharing, but is willing to engage externally on refugee crisis

Dear Donald... (Commentary)

Susi Dennison - 26 November 2015

The demands have been issued: how has Europe received the UK's renegotiation agenda?

Assessing the ENP (Commentary)

Susi Dennison - 20 November 2015

With crisis in the neighbourhood directly impacting on the EU like never before, is the new European Neighbourhood Policy able to keep up?

View from London: A foreign policy focus (Commentary)

Susi Dennison - 17 November 2015

Renewed focus on foreign policy responses on migration following Valetta and Paris attacks brings London back into the picture