Articles on Economic Crisis

Co-ordination is key to G8 success (Commentary)

Richard Gowan and Bruce Jones - 09 July 2009

Enlarged G8 summits are proving to be inefficient and the EU bears much of the blame.

Rescue plans (Commentary)

José Ignacio Torreblanca - 01 July 2009

The economic crisis has highlighted the lack of respect member states have for the European Commission.

An open letter to EU leaders (Commentary)

- 31 March 2009

Ahead of the G20 summit, ECFR calls on EU leaders to show the vision and leadership to develop a coordinated position on the financial crisis.

The hour of Europe (Commentary)

Uffe Ellemann-Jensen - 29 March 2009

A clear message must be sent to those who are doubtful about the EU's worth: we are in this together.

Peripheral care should be the central concern (Commentary)

By GEORGE SOROS - 23 March 2009

Unless the G20 summit comes up with practical measures to support the less developed countries, markets are going to suffer another sinking spell.

More trouble ahead (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 03 March 2009

Endless political infighting and the economy in the doldrums - as if the gas dispute weren't bad enough, Ukraine is lurching from one crisis to another.

What does the financial crisis mean for EU foreign policy? (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 25 February 2009

The financial crisis has implications far outside the finance and economic sectors. What does it mean for the EU's foreign policy?

The eurozone needs a government bond market (Commentary)

George Soros - 18 February 2009

George Soros argues that a eurozone government bond market would bring immediate and vital benefits.

How to avoid the ruin of the European market (Commentary)

Giuliano Amato and Emma Bonino - 11 February 2009

Taskforces chaired by the European Commission should co-ordinate state aid, making sure that national measures reinforce each other to the greater benefit of the sectors concerned and avoid bending competition rules, writes Giuliano Amato and Emma Bonino.

The global financial crisis: opportunities for change (Commentary)

Andre Wilkens - 10 November 2008

The world's severe economic downturn must be addressed alongside and not to the exclusion of other problems, says ECFR Council Member Andre Wilkens.