Articles on Economic Crisis

Tsipras' Pyrrhic victory (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 06 July 2015

Without demonstrating how they can pull off a strategy of gaining debt relief before reforms, Syriza's referendum win could become a Pyrrhic victory.

Europe’s Galápagos moment (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 30 April 2015

It may be that Europe’s postmodern order has become so advanced and particular to its environment that it is impossible for others to follow

The battle of Europe’s utopias (Commentary)

Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 28 January 2015

The EU’s austerity policies have led to a fragmentation of its power, encouraging the rise of populist parties.

How Berlin contributed to Tsipras’s victory (Commentary)

Sebastian Dullien - 28 January 2015

Germany should have offered debt relief to Greece when it had the chance, and the consequences of its mistake could be serious for Europe.

Germany then and now (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 11 November 2014

Twenty-five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany needs to think about its way of exercising power within the EU – and what it hopes to achieve.

The German miracle is running out of road (Commentary)

Sebastian Dullien - 05 September 2013

Ahead of federal elections, Germany is showing signs of complacency about its economic success, with none of the big candidates addressing the factors that might lead to German manufacturing losing its edge

Why Britain should not view Germany as a role model for economic success (Commentary)

Sebastian Dullien - 13 August 2013

Germany's recent economic success has been much admired across Europe. But an examination of what Germany's model really entails suggest it is not necessarily something Britain should copy as it searches for success of its own. 


Think again: European decline (Commentary)

Hans Kundnani & Mark Leonard - 29 April 2013

Although it may seem that Europe is down and out as it struggles with multiple crises, things are in fact far, far better than they appear on the surface. 


Do we need a European Margaret Thatcher? (Commentary)

- 17 April 2013

British public opinion is polarised over the legacy of Margaret Thatcher. But whether she was right or wrong she recognised the need for fundamental change in Britain in the 1970s - and that is something that Europe could learn from now.


Europe's misgovernment (Commentary)

José Ignacio Torreblanca - 05 April 2013

The Cypriot crisis has made it brutally clear just how bad misgovernment with the EU - and the eurozone - really is. The only way to fix this is for genuine banking, fiscal, and economic union within the eurozone, backed by legitimate political instruments.