Articles on Foreign policy responses to the refugee crisis

Thirteen trends for 2016 (Commentary)

Mark Leonard & Jeremy Shapiro - 05 January 2016

What does the new year hold for Europe's foreign policy?

Turkey: EU partner or buffer state? (Commentary)

Asli Aydıntaşbaş - 02 December 2015

After EU-Turkey summit, Turkey finds itself closer to Europe - though not necessarily as a potential EU member

Libya's migrant-smuggling highway: Lessons for Europe (Commentary)

Mattia Toaldo - 10 November 2015

How the lessons of Libya can help European policymakers respond to the wider migration crisis.

Refugee road to nowhere: the Western Balkans (Commentary)

Vessela Tcherneva & Fredrik Wesslau - 30 October 2015

The refugee crisis is placing a huge strain on the countries of the Western Balkans – the EU cannot afford for them to break.

EU should bring the Western Balkans into the refugee relocation scheme (Commentary)

Fredrik Wesslau - 21 September 2015

The Western Balkans are becoming a de facto holding centre for refugees -  they should be included in the relocation scheme.