Articles on Refugee Crisis

View from Warsaw: Keeping a low profile (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 17 March 2016

With a worsening international reputation, Poland has been strikingly quiet on the recent refugee deal

The EU Turkey deal: fair and feasible? (Commentary)

Mattia Toaldo - 16 March 2016

Potentially unrealistic vows on readmissions and relocation leave plenty of questions unanswered ahead of EU Council

View from Paris: A marginalised voice (Commentary)

Tara Varma - 16 March 2016

France remains hugely concerned by visa liberalisation on Turkey, as deal exposes Franco-German fractures

Why resettlement is the most realistic response to the refugee crisis (Commentary)

Mattia Toaldo - 17 February 2016

Creating safe routes is the best way to enforce borders: a wall without a door is unlikely to stand

The law of the 'Jungle' (Commentary)

Dina Pardijs - 09 February 2016

With the future of the Dublin system up for grabs, families are still being divided by mistrustful governments 

The Janus face of Europe’s migration policy (Commentary)

Angeliki Dimitriadi - 01 February 2016

Contradictory approaches are built into the system of Europe’s migration and asylum policies

Germany’s gambit: Turkey and the refugee crisis (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 28 January 2016

With domestic pressure over migration numbers growing, Angela Merkel is the EU leader most eager to engage with Turkey

Europe under 
pressure to act (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 12 January 2016

What are the elements that Europe needs to bring together to tackle the refugee crisis?

Thirteen trends for 2016 (Commentary)

Mark Leonard & Jeremy Shapiro - 05 January 2016

What does the new year hold for Europe's foreign policy?