Articles on Angeliki Dimitriadi

The European border guard: New in name only? (Commentary)

Angeliki Dimitriadi - 02 June 2016

The migrant crisis has spurred reforms to Europe’s border agency Frontex, but it can only be as strong as member states allow it to be.

The Janus face of Europe’s migration policy (Commentary)

Angeliki Dimitriadi - 01 February 2016

Contradictory approaches are built into the system of Europe’s migration and asylum policies

View from Berlin: The limits of outsourcing (Commentary)

Angeliki Dimitriadi - 04 December 2015

Germany pushed for Turkey summit, but important questions remain over internal burden sharing

Germany's hunt for a coalition of the willing (Commentary)

Angeliki Dimitriadi - 03 December 2015

Germany is searching for European partners to end its splendid isolation over the refugee crisis

Lessons in compromise: A view of Valletta and Antalya (Commentary)

Angeliki Dimitriadi - 17 November 2015

Progress made, but events are now moving faster than political decision-making