Articles on Mathieu Duchâtel

Japan-China relations: confrontation with a smile (Commentary)

Mathieu Duchâtel - 01 October 2018

China’s willingness to finally downplay confrontation with Japan demonstrates the magnitude of the Trump shock in Beijing

Europe’s China vetoes (Commentary)

Mathieu Duchâtel & Angela Stanzel - 08 August 2018

France, Germany, Italy, and the UK are strengthening their economic defences against China. Will more follow?

EU should host US-China contingency talks on North Korean nuclear crisis (Commentary)

Mathieu Duchâtel - 17 October 2017

The countries’ lack of crisis management discussions could allow unexpected incidents to quickly escalate

Nuclear North Korea: Perpetuating the fiction (Commentary)

Mathieu Duchâtel - 31 August 2017

For Pyongyang, a “double suspension” agreement could be a turning point towards the goal of being recognized as a nuclear state.

Trump trade reset gives China and Europe opportunity to rebalance relations (Commentary)

Mathieu Duchâtel - 16 March 2017

Voices in favour of screening incoming Chinese investment dominate debate in Europe.

Japan’s resigned embrace of Donald Trump (Commentary)

Mathieu Duchâtel - 25 November 2016

Tokyo has a good chance of persuading Trump that security co-operation with Japan is in his interests, but the end of TPP is a serious blow.  

China gets tough on North Korea sanctions (Commentary)

Mathieu Duchâtel - 02 March 2016

The two new additions to the sanctions regime have teeth and show how the Chinese line on sanctioning North Korea has evolved from deep suspicion to clear support.

The new Japan paradox (Commentary)

Mathieu Duchâtel - 07 December 2015

The paradox about Japan is no longer that of an economic giant and a political dwarf; it is about the lack of significant international cooperation between Europe and Japan