Articles on Yemen

Saleh’s dramatic death returns Yemen to the spotlight (Commentary)

Adam Baron - 05 December 2017

The former president’s death makes diplomatic engagement all the more difficult, but also underlines the folly of leaving Yemen on the backburner.

Not only a pawn in their game (Commentary)

Adam Baron - 16 November 2017

The war in Yemen has its own domestic logic, independent of the Saudi-Iranian ‘cold war’.

Local actors hold key to de-escalation in Yemen (Commentary)

Adam Baron - 30 August 2017

Engagement with power brokers in Marib, Mukalla, Taiz and Aden is key to avoid mistakes of Sanaa-centric post-2011 transitional process.

Yemen beginning to come apart at the seams (Commentary)

Adam Baron - 30 May 2017

Europeans should consider three sets of actions that could help stabilize the conflict.

Yemen is fast becoming a global, not regional, problem (Commentary)

Adam Baron - 04 April 2017

As commentators look back on two years of the Saudi-led military campaign, international policy must look forward if the country is to survive.

Time to grapple with Yemen’s new reality (Commentary)

Adam Baron - 11 October 2016

Even if international actors are able to avoid responsibility for Yemen’s plight, they will not be able to avoid the spillover from its collapse.

While Kuwait peace talks smoulder, Yemen burns (Commentary)

Adam Baron - 27 July 2016

High-level political talks cannot be the only focus for the international community if Yemen is to have any chance of recovery.

The Kuwait talks: Yemen's last chance for peace? (Commentary)

Adam Baron - 10 May 2016

There must be a clear, coherent, and mutually agreed upon roadmap for dealing with the country’s varied issues, including blueprints for the federal system and, all importantly, the holding of parliamentary and presidential elections.

Indecisive Storm: One year of Saudi-led intervention in Yemen's civil war (Commentary)

Adam Baron - 29 March 2016

Yemen's civil war has left the country in ruins and a conclusion remains far from imminent

Power vacuum in Aden will fuel more unrest (Commentary)

Adam Baron - 07 December 2015

The assassination of Aden governor Jaafar Mohamed Saad is emblematic of the deep instability in the city and beyond