Articles on Transatlantic relationship

Saving British internationalism from Brexit (Commentary)

Richard Gowan & Manuel Lafont Rapnouil - 28 June 2016

Even if the UK is a diminished power after Brexit international partners will still need its cooperation in the UN and NATO.

The latest battle in Fallujah is a symbol of the futility of US efforts in Iraq (Commentary)

Jeremy Shapiro - 30 May 2016

The battle to retake the Iraqi city of Fallujah has begun: 20,000 Iraqi soldiers, backed by US air power and advisers, are attempting to expel some 800 to 1,000 ISIS fighters.

How America enables its allies' bad behaviour (Commentary)

Jeremy Shapiro and Richard Sokolsky - 28 April 2016

The US remains stuck in a Cold War mindset of keeping allies happy, rather than ensuring that they support US interests

Merkel and Obama: fault lines behind a friendly face (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 28 April 2016

If Obama’s visit to the United Kingdom and Germany confirmed anything, it was the extent to which America’s political elites worry about the strength and unity of Europe. 

Why we think terrorism is scarier than it really is (and we probably always will) (Commentary)

Jeremy Shapiro - 28 March 2016

It is this terrifying symbiosis between the terrorists in the Middle East and the populist politicians in the West that is the real threat.

Obama’s Syria failure is a perfect case study in how bad foreign policy is made (Commentary)

Jeremy Shapiro - 16 March 2016

The lesson is that even a president who has shown extraordinary awareness that the "Washington playbook" frequently dictates unwise military interventions often feels forced to compromise his policy.

Bashar al-Assad is a monster. But getting rid of him won't fix Syria. (Commentary)

Jeremy Shapiro - 03 March 2016

Justice is not the same as peace. In Syria, we have to choose.

Donald Trump’s Bad Deal for Europe (Commentary)

Jeremy Shapiro - 18 February 2016

Why a presidential victory for Donald Trump might leave Europe having to fend for itself

How the US treats its allies: the European banking system under threat (Commentary)

François Godement - 10 June 2014

The BNP Paribas case shows that the United States is happy to risk plunging the European banking system into chaos. Europe should take note.