Articles on Vessela Tcherneva

View from Sofia: A Single-Issue agenda sidelines longer-term concerns (Commentary)

Vessela Tcherneva - 15 September 2016

When the future of the EU is discussed in Sofia, keeping the four freedoms intact takes primacy over any desire for a cultural counter-revolution.

View from Sofia: Fear and loathing (Commentary)

Vessela Tcherneva - 05 April 2016

Amid a new climate of nervousness, Bulgarians are starting to feel wary of European indecisiveness

Turkey’s not so splendid isolation (Commentary)

Vessela Tcherneva & Fredrik Wesslau - 11 March 2016

Despite its confidence in negotiations with the EU, Turkey remains beset on all sides by problems

View from Sofia: Little overlap, little opposition (Commentary)

Vessela Tcherneva - 09 February 2016

With Bulgaria mulling a realignment towards the Visegrad group, there is no intention of blocking Britain's renegotiation

View from Sofia: A move to scepticism (Commentary)

Vessela Tcherneva - 19 November 2015

Growing concerns over resettlement have pushed Bulgaria into a more hostile position on refugees

Will Europe hold together after Paris? (Commentary)

Mark Leonard & Vessela Tcherneva - 16 November 2015

Beneath the talk of unity and common anxiety, three dividing lines are opening up across Europe - how they are resolved will determine whether the EU emerges stronger with its values intact.

View from Sofia: Multi-tier Europe a reality now (Commentary)

Vessela Tcherneva - 06 November 2015

Poland’s likely disengagement from EU mainstream will force tough choices on Sofia

Refugee road to nowhere: the Western Balkans (Commentary)

Vessela Tcherneva & Fredrik Wesslau - 30 October 2015

The refugee crisis is placing a huge strain on the countries of the Western Balkans – the EU cannot afford for them to break.

View from Sofia: Fragile support for quotas (Commentary)

Vessela Tcherneva - 29 September 2015

Fragile support for quotas holds in europhile Bulgaria - for now

Round-table discussion on EU foreign policy with Federica Mogherini took place in Sofia (Commentary)

Vessela Tcherneva - 08 August 2015

Read the main recommendations from the ECFR round-table with the participation of Federica Mogherini.