Articles on European Strategy

How Germany’s Constitutional Court jump-started the Franco-German engine (Commentary)

Jonathan Hackenbroich - 22 May 2020

By defining legal limits, the Constitutional Court has forced the German government to reconsider its European policy – to make political decisions on Europe where it has the power to do so.

How to repair multilateralism after covid-19 (Commentary)

Anthony Dworkin - 22 May 2020

The China-US rivalry is harming an already-fragile international system. Europeans should seek out like-minded allies to act in its defence.

Salvaging globalisation (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 04 May 2020

Like other recent systemic crises, the coronavirus pandemic has confronted us with an inconvenient truth: the risks associated with international openness might very well outweigh the gains. If today’s multilateral frameworks are to have a future, they must be brought back into the service of national sovereignty.

Shared goals: How Germany’s crisis response could strengthen Europe (Commentary)

Jana Puglierin - 28 April 2020

Berlin has quietly made concessions to new calls for greater solidarity. But back home this consensus may not last forever.

Spain goes Eisenhower: Coronavirus, cohesion, and the return of MFF talks (Commentary)

Susi Dennison - 23 April 2020

The post-corona recovery threatens Europe’s cohesion, but Spain’s attempt to bridge the north-south divide is likely to fall short.

Macron, Merkel, and Europe's "moment of truth" (Commentary)

Jonathan Hackenbroich & Tara Varma - 23 April 2020

The French president has laid down the gauntlet by warning the European political project could end if it fails to embrace burden-sharing. One of two scenarios could now play out.

Reconnected: How the EU can assert its sovereignty after the pandemic (Commentary)

Romana Vlahutin - 21 April 2020

As the crisis exacts a devastating cost from society and prompts a major battle of narratives, the EU needs to find its new “coal and steel” moment.

The coronavirus crisis: An opportunity to mend Polish-Ukrainian relations (Commentary)

Joanna Hosa, Oleksandra Iwaniuk - 17 April 2020

The Polish government would do well to recognise the value of Ukrainian workers, while the Ukrainian government should acknowledge that the Polish state cares for Ukrainians during these trying times.

Almost an ally: Italy’s new approach to Azerbaijan and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict (Commentary)

Carlo Frappi - 16 April 2020

While recent agreements between Italy and Azerbaijan are economically significant, their political dimension is even more significant, especially as regards the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Grey zone politics: Why Ukraine needs creative international cooperation (Commentary)

Pavlo Klimkin, Andreas Umland - 16 April 2020

With the EU, NATO, and their member states preoccupied with domestic challenges, Ukraine and its international partners need new ways to support the country’s security, resilience, and growth.