Articles on European Strategy

Why we think terrorism is scarier than it really is (and we probably always will) (Commentary)

Jeremy Shapiro - 28 March 2016

It is this terrifying symbiosis between the terrorists in the Middle East and the populist politicians in the West that is the real threat.

The EU trade strategy: Where is the “strategic” part? (Commentary)

Sebastian Dullien - 17 March 2016

Though individual goals of the EU’s trade strategy are laudable, by all usual definitions, it is not really a strategy at all

Obama’s Syria failure is a perfect case study in how bad foreign policy is made (Commentary)

Jeremy Shapiro - 16 March 2016

The lesson is that even a president who has shown extraordinary awareness that the "Washington playbook" frequently dictates unwise military interventions often feels forced to compromise his policy.

The German problem (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 15 March 2016

How Angela Merkel’s handling of the refugee crisis emboldened the far right and led to troubling questions about her future as chancellor.

Bashar al-Assad is a monster. But getting rid of him won't fix Syria. (Commentary)

Jeremy Shapiro - 03 March 2016

Justice is not the same as peace. In Syria, we have to choose.

Donald Trump’s Bad Deal for Europe (Commentary)

Jeremy Shapiro - 18 February 2016

Why a presidential victory for Donald Trump might leave Europe having to fend for itself

Russia’s hybrid interference in Germany’s refugee policy (Commentary)

Gustav Gressel - 04 February 2016

Russian-sponsored anti-refugee rhetoric in Germany bears the hallmarks of a hybrid intervention

Note to Berlin: How to engage Poland (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 21 January 2016

If Germany wants to avoid further deterioration of its relationship with Poland, it is important to make clear that a discussion of the rule of law in their country is not a German-Polish affair and an illegitimate meddling in Polish affairs, but a legitimate part of a European public debate.

Germany – Europe’s lonely leader (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 07 January 2016

As instability and conflict grow in Europe’s neighbourhood, Germany’s leading EU role is diminished

Note to Berlin: Power and responsibility in foreign policy (Commentary)

Manuel Lafont Rapnouil - 18 December 2015

If Germany is to take on the mantle of international leadership, it must prepare itself for the challenges and the responsibilities